Every body likes music and it usually changes your mood and emotions. To go a step further on how to use it as a medicine, former Finnish Giant Nokia’s head of design team has come up with an initiative to research on how music can be used as a medicine.

The former head of Nokia’s design team chief Marko Ahtisaari has taken up a prominent position in exploring the prominent effects of music to act as medicine in a project what they called it The Sync Project.

Marko Ahtisaari now CEO of The Sync Project which is a collaborative venture aimed at investigating the potential therapeutic effects of music. Scientists, technologists, clinicians with musicians around the world will collaborate in this project for discovery of clinical applications of music as stated by Ahtisaari’s team purpose and strategy:

“The Sync Project’s mission is to develop music as medicine. We are bringing together the scientists, technologists, clinicians and musicians of the world to accelerate the discovery of the clinical applications of music. We’re building a data platform that maps music characteristics to real time, objective measurements of physiology from a rapidly growing variety of sensors and devices.”

As the company is in its initial phase and they are bringing in the relevant parties together – Scientists and musicians for research, sensors for physiological responses by device makers and volunteer patients for trials. The final aim would be to get a scientific understanding of how cognitions and mood can be improved with music – once its in place the ball will be rolling for its applications in real life by development of new forms of musical therapies. To get updated with The Sync Project, here is a blog you should follow.