University of Helsinki Finland to impose Tuition fees up-to 25000 Euros annually by August 2017

University of Helsinki located in the Finland’s capital Helsinki is one of the top brass university ranking at 76 all around the globe. It has been formally announced by the University Officials to impose up-to 25000 euros annual tuition fees for students outside of EU / EEA (Europe Economic Area) area. The plan will be commenced by august 2017.

Similar gestures were already implemented by Sweden earlier.

Tuition fee will vary from 10k to 25k euros depending on english language Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes.

Current students have no need to worry as the new charges apply only to students who are starting their programmes in the autumn semester 2017

said in a statement by Markus Laitinen who is international affairs manager.

It has also been stressed that the tuition fee will be reviewed every year, but it will not affect student individually.

More Non-European students

Currently there are more than 20,000 foreign students of which majority are from EU and EEA. The majority of students outside of EU and EEA attending Finnish universities is due to the fact that universities in their home countries charge them hefty tuition fee, where as education has been free in Finland from decades. It also gives them an exposure of top R&D practices in Finnish universities.

Parliament Vote

Finnish Parliament voted last year to introduce tuition fees for non EU / EEA students with a minimum outlined fee of 1500 euros. The universities however can set the upper limit at their discretion.

Institute’s Internationalization and Financial Aid

According to Helsinki University, the money from tuition fees will be used to promote institute’s internationalization programme. However according to Finnish legislation, institutions are entitled to provide financial aid programmes for students enrolled in degree programmes. Tuition fee reduction or financial assistance with living expenses are some of the examples of financial aid programmes.