Dell E7440 External Display issue in ubuntu linux

Many Dell E7440 users with external monitors display using docking station DP port are experiencing issues while mirroring display or extending displays. The fault is known but there is a solution for it as well. Continue reading about Dell E7440 Linux External Monitor Display Issue Solution

Dell E7440 is Latitude 14 7000 Series Ultrabook which features a spacious 14 Inches touchscreen with carbon fiber design and usually ships with Ubuntu Linux or Windows depending on the user requested customization.

Many Linux (specially Ubuntu) users have reported issues with mirroring or extending displays to external monitor connected to E7440 machine. We have found a tested method that would be useful for you as well. Following steps can be used in Debian variants such as Ubuntu.

Install Kernel, Headers and Image

Kernel and its headers with image version 3.17.1-031701-generic should be installed first.

Install Updated and Optimized Open Graphics Drivers

More Information about Updated and Optimized Open Graphics Drivers can be found here.

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