You pressed some random buttons on your keyboard and the Windows 10 icons changed weirdly. Here is how to fix Windows 10 icons changed appearance.

The below screen shot can give you a glimpse of how your Microsoft Windows 10 desktop screen would look like after accidental pressing of random keyboard buttons (which is Ctrl + Alt + Digit). Click on it to enlarge.

Windows 10 icons bigger or detailed view with size in kilo bytes ugly bad how to fix

How to Fix Windows icon appearance

  1. Right click on Desktop
  2. Select View in the context menu and then option.
  3. Then Select EG Medium icons

This will restore your icons appearance to medium.

Actually Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012, 2016 supports changing folder or Desktop icon views by pressing keyboard buttons. The basic way of changing icons or folders view presentation comes with CTRL + SHIFT + number which may produce different appearance views for files, folders and icons depending on following number pressed in keyboard.

  1. Extra Large Icons
  2. Large Icons
  3. Medium Icons
  4. Small Icons
  5. List View
  6. Details
  7. Tiles
  8. Content

So pressing CTRL + SHIFT + 1 will yield Extra Large Icons and the same goes for the rest of the list.

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