HP Z620 is a Z series workstation by HP with the latest successors as Z820. These Z series workstation has been one of the successful series to date due to their enormous computing power and capacity that they provide with extend-ability to upgrade processors to higher versions.

HP Z620 Dual Xeon Workstation Riser Board

Recently, we bought an HP Z620 workstation with 32 GB RAM, 120 GB Samsung Evo 840, 1 TB HDD and Nvidia GTX 760 and Dual Xeon E5-2670 v1 which are upgradable up-to E5-2696v2 processors. The Dual processor in HP Z620 is supported by a riser board which has multiple slots for RAM as well.

HP Z620 Riser Board with Processor and RAM

HP Z620 Random Crash / Hang Issues

After booting up HP Z620 workstation we were amazed by its performance and less noise. While working with it after few minutes, it just randomly crashed with blank screen and then rebooted.

Checking Event Viewer showed only ACPI 5 Error before crash, so we thought it may be relevant to PSU. However changing with a new 800 WATT PSU did not helped either.

So going through a full check list here is what we did to fix this random crash issue:

  • Changed PSU (Power Supply Unit)
  • Tested PSU thoroughly
  • Changed Processors in both mother board and riser board.
  • Ran Memtest+
  • Replaced RAMs with new ones
  • Re-seated RAMS with different configurations
  • Removed Nvidia GTX with Quadro NVS 310
  • Removed all drivers from windows including Nvidia using DDU.
  • Replaced Monitor Cables
  • Replaced Monitors
  • Replaced mother board battery
  • BIOS options manipulation

As you can see the list might be short it took alot of time to go through this full process which was not only irritating one but we had spent extra bucks to find the real issue thats causing reboots.

HP Z620 Dual Xeon Random Crash Fix

So going through full list, it didn’t helped in resolving issue. Checking HP Forums didn’t helped much and as this was a used machine so I couldn’t claim warranty from HP. In the end an idea clicked me to remove the full Riser board and test it without it for random crashes. Voila! the random crashing fixed immediately. After running lots of test including stress tests and bench marking tools for few days, it didn’t crash for a single time.

We notified seller of the riser board issue and he was happy to take it back for a replacement.

This article shares some of the frustration that you may encounter as well while working with “HP Z620 Dual Processor Workstation” and a fix that will quickly help you in ruling out if the riser board is the culprit in your situation.