Shaheen Airline NL142

Low budget Shaheen Airline NL142 Accident at Lahore Airport 2015

The flight # NL142 Boeing 737-400 of Shaheen Airline had an accident at Lahore airport on arrival. According to media reports the tyres of flight # NL142 bursted as it touched the run way hovering the aircraft on to the grass over its belly.

Shaheen Airline NL142 Boeing 737-400

Passengers claim that there had been problem with the landing gear and it may have caused the aircraft to land on its belly.

There is no casualties at the moment and the Civil Aviation Authority has reached to the site for investigation.

Shaheen Airline is known for having some of its aircrafts very old up-to 28+ years old. Recently CAA has grounded many of its aircrafts for security reasons. Its not the first time Shaheen Airline has this incident. Recently there had been incident in Quetta Balochistan Airport when the tyres bursted.