Chinese UAV company EHANG has introduced EHANG 184 World first autonomous Aerial Vehicle capable of taking a single person for 60 minute flight.

EHANG is a Chinese UAV company founded in 2014 which has raised about 50 million USD in venture funding till this date. EHANG 184 has been showcased in CES 2016.

CES 2016 world first autonomous aerial vehicleEHang 184 is about 4 1/2 feet tall and weighs 440 pounds. It can carry a single passenger for 23 minutes. The average speed is 60 MPH.

According to EHang, the drone will be fully automated meaning the passenger has to set a location in drone and that’s it. There is no further control with passenger during the flight. To a question of why didn’t they put control for passenger is to avoid human error, but this also means that the passenger is helpless if some thing goes wrong during the flight. The company claims that their fail-safe systems include multiple backups for each flight system. Also there is a feature which enables drone to immediately land if a passenger life is at risk.

About future of EHANG 184 which can’t be assumed as unrealistic but they might not be available any time soon.

EHANG Ghostdrone 2.0

In addition to EHANG 184, EHANG also produces standard-sized drones such as Ghost wihich can be controlled by smartphone using app.

UAV Ghostdrone 2.0 cheap